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Our Mission & Vision


A centre of excellence in teacher education and human resource development.


To train quality primary school teachers and offer human resource skills, knowledge and attitudes responsive to the challenges of a dynamic society.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide teacher education and training programs.
  2. To diversify financial sources and ensure efficient utilization of resources.
  3. To enhance effective management and administration of the college.
  4. To develop and enhance the college infrastructure and facilities on suitable and needs basis.
  5. To strengthen capacity building on professional skills and emerging issues.

Our Core Values


Reliability In Service Delivery

Transparency, Integrity And Accountability

Dignity, Fairness, Courtesy

Team Work

Self Development


Machakos Teachers College (MATECO) has a great environment that encourages students to do their best. It has great facilities and a supportive environment. In addition, students from all over the county are studying at MATECO, which makes us a fun place to learn and exchange knowledge.
MATECO’s core values are academic excellence, inclusivity and social responsibility. Diversity and inclusivity are key to the college.
MATECO’s passion is helping you reach your goals. Classes are small and engaging, and our Tutors not only know their students by name, but personally prepare them for successful teaching career. 

The College combines academic excellence with a friendly and helpful staff. It has a solid reputation for being a student-friendly institution, offering students high-quality and challenging education that will prepare them for teaching career.


Self Development

Machakos Teachers College (MATECO), provides an opportunity to every individual since each has a different mode of thinking; every person has a different prospectus of seeing the same thing. Every person has their own views and mode of thinking. Some people analyze things for situations on the behalf of their past experiences and some people analyze situations keeping future in mind those people who analyze from their past.

In our life we come across various kinds of people with different mode of thinking. Sometimes, the situation is same but looking into the same situation different people has different view. The angle of thinking of an every individual is different. The views of people also depend upon their mode of behavior towards the life. Sometimes it is also affected by their past experiences and their optimistic or rational approach.

We at MATECO provides for each of our students and staff to discover and explore themselves towards realization of their potential.



MATECO receives students from different religious and spiritual backgrounds. The College aspires to provide access to activities and programs that enable our learner to pursue full spiritual growth and development and to foster a conducive atmosphere in the College which enables members of MATECO freely express their religion, spirituality and faith.

This has provided a caring community which explores the connections between expression of faith and spirituality in the college and  the same in the lives of the learners our students will be handling and the larger community. It also helps them develop a sense responsibility for their own actions, their own abilities and self-awareness.


Our Alumni

The Alumni program and service connect students and alumni for networking, mentoring, and social engagement, enhancing and supporting the student experience. Through meaningful interaction between students and alumni, we can inspire learning and encourage lasting relationships.

The Alumni Association hosts a variety of programs and initiatives for students and alumni to interact. Students benefit from the advice and guidance from experienced professionals and alumni remain connected to MATECO.
The Student Alumni was developed to help create a culture of philanthropic and involved alumni through the engagement, education, and recognition of our current students. It provides programs and services for current students that will foster a connection to MATECO’s Alumni. This connection will enrich their professional and personal lives as well as their student experience.
If you are a current or former student interested in joining the MATECO alumni who would like to be more involved in our student programming, please get in contact with the alumni office.