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Serving The Needy

Machakos Teachers College is the only college in Kenya that handles students with all types of disabilities in an inclusive set up. Some of the challenges the college faces are;
  • Identification and assessment of students with Special Needs and the degree of severity of various disabilities.
  • Inadequate assistive devices.
  • Referrals for necessary assistive and placement according to the severity of the disability
  • Inadequate awareness on the awareness on the causes of disabilities and their management including fighting stigma.
  • The college environment is not adequately disability friendly.
  • To a great extent the college community lacks knowledge and skills for day to day handling of persons with disabilities
We wish to thank Safaricom Foundation for  accepting the concept and funding the construction of the building. However, the remaining challenge is equipping the center with the necessary machines and furniture.
Once completed, the centre will carry out the following functions;
  • Identifying persons with disabilities
  • Assess and screen to determine the degree of severity of the disability
  • Refer for correct placement
  • Manufacture and construct assistive devices
  • Create awareness on causes and management of disability conditions.
  • Conduct community sensitization and fight stigma against persons with disabilities
  • Carry out seminars and training for the community and parents of persons with disability and people living with persons with disabilities.
  • Endeavour to make the college environmental friendly.
The Disability Centre consists of
  • Seminar room
  • Resource room / production room
  • Sound proof room
  • Assessment room
  • Waiting area
  • Office
Once again we wish to thank Safaricom Foundation for their support and look forward to continue partnering with them.

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