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General Rules & Regulations

People who are training to be teachers should be able to understand  the necessity of rules and regulations in any  organization. 
Students are therefore, expected to co-operate. The following rules and regulations should be strictly observed by all the students.
1. Courtesy
All the students should speak and behave respectfully at all times. They are therefore required to refrain from behaving in any  manner that is unbecoming of Machakos Teachers’ College  Community including abusing and/ or causing injury to others.
2. Punctuality/ Time Management
All the students are expected to be punctual for classes, meals, meetings, games, sports, clubs, societies and any other scheduled college activity. Attendance and punctuality on flag hoisting days is a must; all students are expected to be in full college uniform during assembly days and any other college official functions.
3. Assembly 
Any assembly organized by students can only take place with the authority of the Principal or any staff acting on behalf of the Principal. Should students plan for farewell parties, the celebrations should end not later than 6.30 pm.
4. Worship
Students worship services will be between 8.30 am and 10.30 am within the college. All denominations should respect each other and perform their prayers within scheduled times as per the College routine. Quiet prayers are preferred.
5. Visitors
Students’ visitors are permitted only on Saturdays and Sundays between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm. For security reasons, visitors are not allowed to enter into the hostels at any time.
NB:  Ex-students are visitors and should not be entertained around the hostels without permission.
6. Illness
Students are not allowed to be in their hostels during scheduled College activities without the knowledge of the Matron, Nurse and/ or Hostel Supervisor. The Hostel and class secretaries should report cases of sickness to the Nurse and/ or the Tutor on duty if the sick student is unable to report the same personally.
7. Mobile Phones
Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones during class, in the library and during prep times. Kindly switch off the mobile phone during these times. Students are advised to take care of their phones while charging.
8. Food 
The College does not provide special diet. Any student on a special diet must make his / her own arrangements without involving the 
college. All food should be taken in the Dining Hall. Meals should not be taken outside the dining hall or in the hostels.
9. Smoking
Smoking is bad for your health. Consequently the College abhors the habit in its premises. PLEASE NOTE THAT MACHAKOS 
TEACHERS’ COLLEGE IS A “NO SMOKING ZONE.” A student contravening this is liable to suspension / exclusion from the college.
10. Hostels
The premises are strictly out of bounds to all students of the opposite sex and visitors at all times unless authorized by the Principal or a staff acting on behalf of the Principal. Culprits will be expelled.
11. Lights
Lights must be put off by Class Secretaries in the study rooms by 10.30 pm and Hostel Secretaries by 11.00 pm. All lights not in use should be off at all times.
12. Noise
Students should not annoy others by means of radios, TV’s, musical instruments or any other form of noise.
13. Cleanliness
All students should make every effort to keep the college compound clean and tidy by putting litter in the dustbins. Students should keep to the paths when crossing the college compound. They should also perform duties assigned to them so as to keep the environment clean.
14. College Dress Code
Personal hygiene; which includes grooming and decent dress is an important aspect of the teaching career. Please note that Jeans   trousers and other indecent attires such as “see-me-throughs” are not allowed to be worn by lady students. Bathroom slippers are not allowed to be worn outside the hostels. Such attires will be confiscated and the culprit punished. Please refer to the TSC code of dressing.
15. College Property
All College Property should be used with care. Any loss, damage or misplacement should be reported immediately to the Principal’s 
Office by those responsible. Switch off lights and turn off water taps when not in use. Establish the habit to assist the college save on 
unnecessary wastage of electricity and water. Use of  water heaters, electrical cookers and radios is strongly prohibited. Students who damage the college fence will be penalized.
16. Personal Property
All the students are expected and/ advised to take care of their personal property. No student may possess other students' 
property without first obtaining permission from the owners of such property. However, students are hereby advised not to bring 
expensive items to the College. Stolen phone cases will not be entertained.
17. Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Ours beings an educational training institution, the consumption of alcohol and harmful drugs in and/ or out of college is prohibited. 
Culprits of the same are liable to exclusion/ suspension from the College.
18. Absence from College
All the students should not leave College without written permission. Leave of absence will be given out to students after Saturday General Cleaning and Inspection at around 11.00 am or so and on Sunday throughout the day when there are no scheduled college activities. However, no student should be out of the college compound after 6.00 pm on any given day. Any student who absents himself or herself from the college for 2 weeks, will be deemed to have  deserted the course and will automatically be discontinued.
19. Staff Quarters 
Staff quarters  are out of bounds to all students except on official business, for example reporting an illness to the nurse, the tutor on duty and/  the Principal. Students who are relatives to staff must obtain permission from the Dean of Students whenever they want to visit their staff relatives’ houses on the compound.
20. Student’s Identity Card
It is advisable for each student to have a valid Students’ College Identity Card. The ID must be carried any time one goes outside the college compound.
21. Electrical Gadgets / Appliances 
Any unauthorized electrical gadgets are prohibited and shall be 
confiscated if found and the owner punished by paying Kshs. 5000.00 Electricity Bill and/ one year leave.
22. Tribal Groupings 
Tribal groupings are not allowed in the college.
23. Official Languages 
The official languages in the college are Kiswahili and English. Avoid use of mother tongue as it does not add value to your core business in the college - ACADEMICS.
24. Pornography 
Access to pornography is a very serious offence and culprits will be expelled from the college.
25. Abortion/ Sneaking/ Theft/ Threatening/ Fighting
These offenses are very serious and will attract a penalty/ 
punishment of one year leave.
26. Bus Fare
Students should make arrangements to have their fare in good time. The college does not provide bus fare for any student.

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