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Students Community

A. Accommodation
All students stay in college accommodation facilities. There are separate hostels for both men and women.
B. Health Services
First Aid treatment, for minor injuries and diseases is offered to all students at the College dispensary. Expenses for major referral treatment outside the dispensary is the responsibility of individual students.
C. Religion
The college attaches great importance to the spiritual welfare of her members, consequently, religious movements are allowed as follows:-
i) Catholic Mass/ Services
There is a chapel within the college and mass or services are offered on Sundays and during the week at specified times.
ii) Protestant Services
Services are offered in the PIONEER HALL or Dining Hall on Sundays and on other days on arrangement.
iii) Seventh Day Adventists Services
These services are provided on Friday evening and Saturday at the MATECO BLOCK, room  B.
iv) Islamic Services
There’s a temporary Mosque structure within the college in which Muslims worship as per their religious requirements.
D. Guidance and Counseling Services
Individual and group counseling is available through the H.O.D, Guidance and Counseling.
E. College Canteen
There is a college canteen for personal purchases.
F. Mail Services
Mail is collected and delivered daily. Money Orders are cashed by the principal on behalf of the students during week days;  otherwise students can wait until Saturday to cash the Money Orders by themselves at the Post Office.

Our Core Values


Reliability In Service Delivery

Transparency, Integrity And Accountability

Dignity, Fairness, Courtesy

Team Work